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Section 10: Student Academic Integrity (Regs. 90)

90. Student Academic Integrity

  1. The Student Code of Conduct provides the governing definitions of academic dishonesty and regulations for student academic integrity. Departments and instructors may in writing supplement (but not contradict) these rules with department-specific or course-specific stipulations. Instructors shall make clear to students expectations regarding collaboration and sharing of material or effort in their course.
  2. Responsibility for handling cases involving academic integrity is dual, reflecting two jurisdictions on campus. A) The Office of Student Conduct, Student-Faculty Committee on Student Conduct, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs have responsibility for student discipline, and so may act on cases of academic dishonesty. B) The faculty has responsibility for evaluating students' performance and assigning grades, which may reflect breaches of academic integrity. Coordination between these two jurisdictions is required in handling cases of academic dishonesty.
  3. Instructors who believe they have evidence of academic dishonesty in a course must inform the student(s) of their concern either in writing or in person and provide the student(s) an opportunity to respond.
  4. After providing the student(s) an opportunity to respond, instructors who believe they have evidence that a student has violated academic integrity rules shall notify the Office of Student Conduct and recommend any further action or disposition of the case (e.g., letter of reprimand, conduct hearing).
  5. In those cases in which the instructor wishes to have the student referred to the Student-Faculty Committee on Student Conduct, the instructor shall withhold the student's grade until the committee has rendered a decision and the instructor has been notified of the outcome. The instructor shall report the student's grade in the course, after considering the committee's findings.
  6. The Office of Student Conduct and the Student-Faculty Committee on Student Conduct shall make every effort to complete consideration of each case by the end of the academic quarter following that in which the alleged act of dishonesty occurred. In instances where its consideration of a case is not completed by the end of the subsequent quarter, the deadline by which the student's grade must be reported before it becomes an "F" shall be extended to the end of the quarter in which the case is completed. In instances of alleged academic dishonesty, the deadline for the student to contest the instructor's grade shall be either the end of the quarter subsequent to the course in question or thirty days after a grade is reported, whichever is later.
  7. The executive office of the division shall send a reminder regarding the regulation on academic dishonesty to all faculty at the start of each academic year.
  8. The Undergraduate Council, in consultation with the Graduate Council, the Executive Committees of all colleges, and the Office of Student Conduct, shall develop and periodically review guidelines for the implementation of this regulation on academic integrity. (En Mar 9 06)

(En 16 Mar 2006)