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150. College of Engineering

  1. Approval

    Procedures for approval of study-lists (interpreted as a detailed list of courses required for a degree in a given major) and the assignment of advisors will be determined by the Executive Committee of the College, usually delegated to the dean and/or associate dean (hereinafter, “the associate dean”).

  2. Limits

    Except as otherwise authorized by the associate dean, students shall be limited to a maximum of 18 units in each quarter for courses that can be taken for the letter or the pass/no-pass grading option, regardless of grading choice. This 18-unit limit may be exceeded only by courses that have solely the pass/no-pass grading option.

  3. Minimum Study-Load

    An undergraduate student is required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units each Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter and to maintain the minimum expected cumulative progress toward degree [See SBR 45.A.3]. Study-lists of fewer than 12 units per term must receive the approval of the associate dean. Approval to enroll for fewer than 12 units per term may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the associate dean or of the Executive Committee [see Divisional Legislative Ruling 1.93.A, Appendix II].

  4. Student's Responsibility

    The declaration of a major by a student and its acceptance by the College evidences an obligation on the part of the student faithfully to perform the designated work to the best of his or her ability. Withdrawal from, or neglect of, any course entered on the study-list associated with said major, or a change in program without the formal permission of the associate dean of the College, renders the student liable to academic probation, and ultimately enforced withdrawal from the University. (Am 7 Jun 07)