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240. Honors at Graduation

  1. General Regulations

    1. Honors at Graduation shall be awarded in three categories: Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors.
    2. Requirements for Honors at Graduation for each college shall be established by the Undergraduate Council.
    3. Changes in the minimum requirements for Honors at Graduation may be applied to individual students at any time before the student's completion of 120 units toward graduation.
    4. The Council may award honors to students who do not meet the requirements of this section when there are special circumstances that merit consideration. A student may petition the Council in writing through his or her major department for such exceptions. (Am 24 May 90)
  2. Specific Requirements for Honors at Graduation in the Colleges of Letters and Science, Creative Studies, and Engineering

    1. A minimum of 60 upper division units completed for letter grades at the University of California, including summer session units but excluding UC Extension, shall be required for consideration for honors at graduation. (Am 19 Apr 18, Eff 23 Sept 18)
    2. Of the students graduating in a particular year, the top 2.5% will be eligible for Highest Honors, the next 6% for High Honors, and the next 11.5% for Honors. (Am 24 May 90)