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300. General Provisions

  1. Time Limits

    Except as authorized by the Graduate Council, each candidate for a master's degree must satisfy all requirements for the degree within four years after admission to the master's program. (Am 7 Nov 96)
  2. Advancement to Candidacy

    1. A master's committee must be established prior to advancement to candidacy. For Plan I: Thesis, the master's committee is nominated by the department and appointed by, and responsible to, the Dean of the Graduate Division under policies established by the Graduate Council. This committee consists of at least three UC Academic Senate members with a tenure-track faculty member from the student’s major department serving as chair or co-chair. At least two members of every thesis committee must be tenure-track faculty. The majority of the members shall be from the student's UCSB major department. Recommendation of the appointment of additional members to the master’s committee is at the discretion of the department. These nominations must be approved by the Graduate Council Chair, who is authorized to grant exceptions to these policies when requested in writing by the departmental chair. For Plan II: Comprehensive Examination, the department appoints a master’s committee consisting of at least three faculty members, as described above for Plan I. For Plan II: Project, the department appoints a committee consisting of at least two UC Academic Senate members, with a tenure-track faculty member from the student’s UCSB major department serving as chair or co-chair. The duties of the master's committee include certifying that the candidate has fulfilled the requirements for the degree. (Am 23 Oct 86; Am 7 Nov 96; Am 4 Mar 99; Am 8 May 14; Am 7 Jun 18)
    2. At the beginning of the term in which a student is expected to complete the course requirements for the master's degree, the department must file with the Dean of the Graduate Division certification of the student's completion of requirements with the request for advancement to candidacy. Candidacy is approved by the Graduate Council. (Am 7 Nov 96)
  3. Foreign Language Requirements

    Subject to the approval of the Graduate Council each department may determine any foreign language requirement to be satisfied for the award of its master's degree(s). (Am 7 Nov 96)
  4. Scholarship Requirements

    Only courses in which a grade of A, B, C, or S was earned may be used to satisfy requirements for the master's degree. The minimum grade-point average required for the award of a master's degree is 3.0 in all graduate and upper division courses completed in graduate standing on any campus of the University. (Am 7 Nov 96)
  5. Residence Requirements

    Except for students subject to 310(C), the minimum residence requirement for a master's degree is three quarters during which the student must be enrolled in a program of courses, research, or study, the unit value of which satisfies the requirements of the Divisional Regulation 275(C). Two six-week summer sessions may be substituted for one of the required quarters. (Am 7 Nov 96)