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A. Instructions: Please fill in Section C (Prerequisites) below.

  • Undergraduate course prerequisites are defined as courses (with or without grade limitations), level limits, major limits, or test scores which can be enforced by the UCSB registration system (i.e., GOLD).
    • Graduate course prerequisites are not enforced by GOLD. Consequently, graduate courses are allowed to have prerequisites which are not necessarily enforceable by GOLD. (Level limits and major limits are enforced for graduate-level courses.)
  • Course discipline names should be complete (i.e., History, instead of HIST).
  • Semicolons should be used to initially separate groups of prerequisites and will usually be interpreted as "and" (except in the case where it is used to divide groupings of prerequisites -- see example #2 below)
  • Commas should further be used to separate subsets of prerequisites into correct groupings.
    • Commas should never be used to signify "or". Instead, spell out "or" between all courses or subsets that should be interpreted as such -- see example #1 below.
    B. Examples:
    1. Prerequisites for Chemical Engineering 2A:
      Physics 2 or 22 with a minimum grade of C-; and, Mathematics 3A-B-C with a minimum grade of C; and, Mathematics 5A (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of C; open to electrical engineering, computer engineering, and pre-computer engineering majors only.
    2. Prerequisites for Geological Sciences 121:
      MCDB 1A-B and EEMB 2A; or, Geological Sciences 2 and 3.
    3. Prerequisites for MCDB 104A:
      Mathematics 5A-B-C; and, Computer Science 5AA-ZZ or 10 or 11AA-ZZ or 12 or 60.
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    Open to non-majors.
    Designed for majors.
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