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The Academic Senate operates as a legislative body and also a system of appointed committees run by and for the faculty. The work of the Senate is chiefly conducted through these committees as well as through elected officers.

Councils & Committees of the Academic Senate

Executive Council (EXEC)
Faculty Legislature (FacLeg)
Charges Officer (Charges)
Charges Advisory Committee (ChargesAdvisory)
Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)
Committee on Admissions, Enrollment & Relations with Schools (CAERS)
Committee on Committees (CoC)
Committee on Courses and General Education (CCGE)
Committee on Diversity and Equity (CDE)
Committee on Faculty Diversity Award (FDA)
Committee on International Education (CIE)
Committee on Privilege and Tenure (PT)
Pre-Grievance Adviser (PGA)
Committee on Rules, Jurisdiction & Elections (RJE)
Council on Faculty Welfare, Academic Freedom & Awards (CFW)
Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF)
Committee on Distinguished Teaching (DTA)
Committee on Emeriti and Retirement (ER)
Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer (FRL)
Committee on Graduate Mentor Awards (GMA)
Committee on Outstanding Teaching Assistants (OTA)
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB)
Committee on Academic Planning & Resource Allocation (CAPRA)
Committee on Capital & Space Planning (CSP)
Committee on Development & Community Relations (DCR)
Council on Research and Instructional Resources (CRIR)
Committee on Faculty Grants (FG)
Committee on Information Technology (CIT)
Committee on Library, Information & Instructional Resources (CLIIR)
Committee on Research Policy and Procedures (CRPP)
Faculty Executive Committee - Bren School (BREN)
Faculty Executive Committee - Creative Studies (CCS)
Faculty Executive Committee - Engineering (ENGR)
Faculty Executive Committee - Gevirtz School (GGSE)
Faculty Executive Committee - Letters and Science (LTSC)
Graduate Council (GC)
Committee on Graduate Funding & Fellowships (GFF)
Committee on Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLC)
Committee on Graduate Student Affairs (GSAC)
Committee on Program Review (PRC)
Undergraduate Council (UgC)
ESCI Ad Hoc Committee (EAHC)