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Officers of the Academic Senate

Susannah Scott
Susannah Scott
Divisional Chair

(805) 893-2886
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Hugo Loaiciga
Hugo Loaiciga

(805) 893-2885

Staff of the Academic Senate

Shasta Delp
Executive Director

(805) 893-3179
Position Vacant
(805) 893-4793
Casey Hankey
Senate Analyst
(805) 893-3173

Jackie Grossberg
Senate Analyst
(805) 893-8732

Kyle Richards
Senate Analyst

(805) 893-2986
Kelly Rivera
Senate Analyst

(805) 893-3192
Jon Winterbottom
Senate Analyst

(805) 893-5233
Teresa Figueroa Sanchez
Assistant to the Chair and Executive Director

(805) 893-4511
  • Administration of Faculty Travel Grants
Andy Satomi
Director, Academic Affairs Information Technology

(805) 893-8996
Vince Nievares
Assistant Director of Applications Development, Academic Affairs Information Technology

(805) 893-8072