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The Academic Senate is the voice of the faculty in the University of California. The Senate is the one organization that enables the faculty, through shared governance, to exercise its right to participate in the University's governance. To that end, faculty and administrators depend on a high level of consultation, trust, mutual respect and a tradition of collegial collaboration. It is for these reasons that the Academic Senate seeks wide faculty involvement for all of its councils and committees.

UC Systemwide Academic Senate (Academic Council)

UCSB in the News

  • Thomas Fire Update

    Updates Friday, December 15 • The Blind Boys of Alabama Holiday Show presented by Arts & Lectures will take place as scheduled at 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18,…

  • Thursday Update

    In a memo to the campus, Chancellor Henry T. Yang reiterated the activation of the Emergency Leave policy. The full message follows: December 14, 2017 Dear Memb…

  • Special Delivery

    Bucketfuls of holiday bouquets arrived today at UC Santa Barbara’s MAC, bringing a splash of seasonal cheer to the facility’s current residents: evacuees of the…

  • 'High Honors'

    Three UC Santa Barbara engineering faculty members have been named fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for 2018. Professors…

  • A New Record

    Continuing a decades-long trend, UC Santa Barbara has set a record for the number of first-year students seeking admission to the seaside campus. UCSB has recei…

  • Emergency Leave Policy

    In a memo to the campus, Chancellor Henry T. Yang announced the implementation of an Emergency Leave policy for staff and faculty affected by the Thomas Fire, a…

  • The Spirit of Innovation

    Inventiveness may be its own reward, but the recognition that sometimes results can be pretty gratifying, too. Such is the case for Daniel J. Blumenthal, a prof…

  • A New Window on the Universe

    Two years ago, scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected gravitational waves for the first time, proving Einstein’…

  • A Home Away From Home

    The Red Cross emergency shelter at UCSB’s Multi Activity Court (MAC) welcomed more than 60 people last night as the Thomas Fire moved farther into Santa Barbara…

  • Conserving the Forests

    Forests cover 31 percent of Earth’s land mass — for now, anyway. As global demand for agricultural commodities grows, forests are increasingly under threat. In…

  • Finals Rescheduled

    The full text of a note from UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry T. Yang, announcing that fall quarter final exams have been rescheduled, is as follows: December…

  • Thomas Fire Saturday Update

    UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry T. Yang has sent a new memo to the campus community regarding the university’s response to the Thomas Fire. The full text of h…

  • Finals Week Plan

    UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry T. Yang has announced plans for finals week. The full text of his note to campus follows:   December 8, 2017   Dear Members of…

  • Classes Cancelled Friday, Dec. 8

    In a memo to the campus, Chancellor Henry T. Yang announced the cancellation of classes Friday, Dec. 8. The full message follows: Dear Members of Our Campus Co…

  • Classes Cancelled Thursday, Dec. 7

    In a memo to the campus, Chancellor Henry T. Yang announced the cancellation of classes Thursday, Dec. 7. The full message follows: Dear Members of Our Campus C…

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Chair of the Academic Senate

Henning Bohn

Henning Bohn
Divisional Chair

(805) 893-2886

News & Announcements

UCSB Graduate Council Statement on Proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Posted: December 13, 2017

Discussion of Regents’ Special Meeting of Nov. 16, 2017

Academic Council held a special meeting on Nov. 17, 2017 to discuss the ramifications of the interference in a State Audit by UC President Napolitano and her staff. Our concerns are summarized in the posted minutes of the meeting.

The Regents have publicly released an investigative report by former California supreme court justice Carlos Moreno (Moreno Report), a statement of reprimand, and an apology by President Napolitano. The Moreno Report is worth reading in its entirety. The Academic Senate will carefully consider all courses toward improvement in University governance.

Posted: November 30, 2017

Letters Regarding Retiree Health
This summer, the UC Office of the President proposed changes in retiree health benefits for faculty and staff to reduce the University’s cost and liabilities for retiree health. Notably, a proposal was placed on the July Regent’s agenda to remove the 70 percent floor for the University’s annual aggregate contribution to the retiree health benefit program. The Regent’s item was pulled after the Academic Senate (and others) objected strongly. I have been involved in the ensuing systemwide discussions as member of the Task Force on Investment and Retirement (TFIR) as well as Academic Council. I am pleased to report that President Napolitano has agreed to defer changes and to form a Working Group with Academic Senate members that will make recommendations for 2019. The Academic Senate’s position is well summarized in two letters, dated Oct.5, 2017 and July 6, 2017, respectively.
Posted: October 5, 2017

Classroom Protocol Survey
The Undergraduate Council is conducting a survey to collect data about faculty experiences and observations in the classroom. We are especially interested in the use of electronics, academic integrity, student engagement, and academic preparation. Your response will inform discussions of possible revisions in education policy, changes in orientation materials, and communications to students regarding classroom expectations. You will receive an email with a unique survey link during the week of May 22. We would deeply appreciate your help.

All responses are confidential and results will be reported only in the aggregate.
Posted: May 18, 2017

Academic Council Statement Opposing President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration
Posted: February 6, 2017

Chancellor’s Letter – Update to Our Campus Community on Immigration Executive Order
Posted: February 2, 2017

Academic Council Support of UC Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order
The Academic Council released a letter of support (dated January 30, 2017), on the UC Statement on President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order (dated January 29, 2017).
Posted: February 2, 2017

Academic Council Endorsement of Principles in Support of Undocumented Members of the UC Community
Posted: December 6, 2016

Post-election campus climate and protecting undocumented members of the UC community
Message from Senate Chair Bohn
Posted: December 1, 2016

University of California releases principles in support of UC community members
The University of California today (November 30, 2016) announced that it will vigorously protect the privacy and civil rights of the undocumented members of the UC community and will direct its police departments not to undertake joint efforts with any government agencies to enforce federal immigration law.
Posted: November 30, 2016

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