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The Senate Council on Research and Instructional Resources (CRIR) provides Senate faculty with the following grant opportunities.

Faculty Research Grants Program

Funding for the Academic Senate Faculty Research Grants Program has been graciously provided by Chancellor Yang. Allocations of funds are governed by the Council on Research and Instructional Resources (CRIR) and University Regulations. The aim of these small grants is to support both quantitative and qualitative faculty research efforts, as well as faculty development across the campus.

Pearl Chase Funds For Local Community Development, Conservation, or Historic Preservation Research Projects

Doctor Pearl Chase played a key role in the development of Santa Barbara's unique character from the time of her graduation from the University of California in 1909 to her death in 1979. Her efforts are widely evident in Santa Barbara's architecture, health and building codes, parks, historic landmarks, and Old Spanish Days Fiesta. She organized the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation and helped establish many local organizations, including the Red Cross, United Way, and Santa Barbara Beautiful. Doctor Pearl Chase was also instrumental in establishing the Santa Barbara Indian Defense Association, which later became the National Association of American Indian Affairs.

Faculty Travel Grants For Conference Presentation Of Research Results

Domestic and international travel grants are offered to support travel to organized national and international conferences for the purpose of presenting and discussing novel research results or creative work. Travel grants are limited to one domestic trip per fiscal year; every other year funding for an overseas trip may be requested in lieu of domestic travel. In addition to U.S. travel, the domestic award category includes Canada and Mexico. Deadline is at least 21 days in advance of travel.

Doctoral Student Travel Grants

The Doctoral Student Travel Grant awards travel funds to graduate students who have been invited or selected to present a paper, present research, perform or exhibit at a major professional conference or meeting. The grants are awarded to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis each fiscal year. Applicants must be doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, or Master of Fine Arts students who are in their second year of study and in candidacy prior to travel. Students are eligible to receive one Doctoral Student Travel Grant during their graduate career at UCSB. Deadline is at least 21 days in advance of travel.