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The Academic Senate is the voice of the faculty in the University of California.

The Senate enables the faculty, through the principle of  shared governance, to exercise its right to participate in the University's decisions. We operate with a high level of consultation, trust, and mutual respect, maintaining a tradition of collegial collaboration between the faculty and the university’s administrators. The process requires broad faculty involvement in all of the Senate's councils and committees


Guidance for Faculty During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The information on this page is intended as a resource for faculty/instructors during changes in campus operating status due to the COVID-19 crisis. It reflects current planning on our campus based on State and local restrictions, as well as public health and academic best practices. The situation is expected to remain fluid for some time, and new information will be added as it becomes available.

Academic Council Endorsement of Concerns about Censorship by Zoom and Other Private Platforms
February 5, 2021
Academic Council unanimously endorsed a letter from the University Committee on Academic Freedom (UCAF) expressing concern about ways in which Zoom’s terms of service may lead to instances of censorship that violate the University’s academic freedom principles and responsibilities.

Academic Council Endorsement of Recommendations for Mitigating COVID Impacts on Faculty
February 5, 2021
The Academic Council has endorsed a letter from the University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW) and the University Committee on Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Equity (UCAADE), with recommendations for mitigating COVID-19 impacts on faculty advancement, morale, work-life balance, and dependent care responsibilities.

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Susannah Scott
Divisional Chair, 2020-22

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry

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